A couple getting married are required to give notification of their intention to marry to a Registrar at least 3 months before the intended date of the marriage. You need to make an appointment with the Registrar in order to give the notification, and both of you must attend. It is advisable to arrange the appointment well in advance. When you make the appointment with the Registrar, you will be informed what information and documents you need to bring with you


The Registrar does not have to be the Registrar for the district where you live or where you intend getting married. If you plan to get married by civil ceremony and a different Registrar will be solemnising the marriage, you must also contact the Registrar's Office for the district you intend getting married in. 


At this stage you should let them know that you intend to have a legal signing with 2 witnesses in a registry office before the intended date and an Independent ceremony on the wedding date.

You will need to download and complete a Data Capture Form and bring it with you. Click HERE to download.

You will also have to pay a notification fee of €200 (regardless of what type of ceremony your having).

When you meet the Registrar you will be required to sign, in the Registrar's presence, a declaration that you know of no lawful impediment to your proposed marriage.


The Registrar will issue an acknowledgement to both of you and the proposed solemniser of the marriage confirming the date of receipt of notification. This does not give you permission to marry. If all the information required has been supplied and there is no impediment to the marriage, the Registrar will issue you with a Marriage Registration Form. 

Once you have received your MRF (Marriage Registration Form) This document will then passed onto an HSE registered solemniser, who will witness the signing of this document in the chosen Registry office on the intended signing date leaving you free to celebrate your wedding ceremony without restriction or legal wording on the day.

*PLEASE NOTE* If you are legally getting married abroad and coming to Ireland for your ceremony, then you don’t have to complete any of the above steps. You just book and co create the wedding of your dreams.